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A Long and Winding Road - Oliver's Sleeping Hollow

Dec. 10th, 2005 09:21 am A Long and Winding Road

Was reminded last night that Barb's CD writer does not work, and that during my visit she will take her computer into the shop to get it fixed. It's all under warranty, but the catch is that it could take months to get fixed, and she's not given a loaner in the meantime.

So I'll be without internet access...with the exception of the local library, which allows access for a "small charge".

New Zealand is home of the user fee. The government, in the early 90s, decided to pull out of as many aspects of a Kiwi's life as possible, Pull out of paying. Think two tier health care on steroids. So now you had better have $50 in hand when you visit the doctor. Their post office was privatized, and opened to competition...there are now 5 postal services, 4 of which are private companies, and the 5th (NZ Post) is a State Owned Enterprise, run like a corporation. And so I'll be paying to log on to the Internet, and have no idea about where I can access, or when.

Oh...the government is running a $3 billion surplus in the first four months of the fiscal year...projected surplus is $9 billion NZD ($7 billion CAD). Sound familiar? And like here, there's no indication that any of that surplus will make it back into taxpayers' pockets.

Barb's Christmas party was last night. As I type, she's cleaning up, as the space used has to be open for business today. I hope she gets rest, and had a good time. She was determined not to take over the event and run everything. She seems to have a strong Alpha female aspect to her character, especially with work.

Which makes the Dom/sub thing all that more interesting. She seems to get very turned on, and looks very forward, to having me take charge. In the bedroom is not a question, and out of the bedroom...well, here's where it gets interesting. I get to do a tightrope act where I pull her back when she steps out of line, but try not to become an asshole who is running her life. Given my previous "Yes dear, no dear, three bags full dear" approach to relationships, it ought to be interesting.

Found a very good site on spanking. http://www.takeninhand.com

Most sites deal with the mechanics, and the fantasies. This one is "a beginner's guide", and large parts of it deal with spanking in a relationship. How to introduce it, negotiations, how to fit it into a relationship, psychological aspects, the whole thing. And it's a necessary read, so I'm going through it, and realizing what I'm getting into. Very complex, lots of power shifts, combining respect with pain, and pleasure. Domination roles. Submissive roles. The whole shebang. I'm glad I found it.

At 10:00 this morning I'm walking to Wal-Mart (yes, I'm hanging my head in shame) to buy some jeans, and some Christmas prezzies. About 25 blocks to the James St stairs, about 400 steps up that, and then another 5 blocks. And if I'm up to it, walking back the same way. Then chat with Barb, and a walk to Heather for pizza and a DVD. And then the walk back.

It's all good. I was at 215 lbs at my lightest, 6 months ago, and now I'm approaching 240. I need to do something about that.

So I'd best get ready to go. Oh...I'm voting NDP. The Liberal candidate in my riding is the president of the Hamilton Muslim Association. Call it racist, but that doesn't appeal to me at all. With the current nonsense of "Christmas" vs. "Holidays", I'm sticking to a Godless candidate. 8^)

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